Secrets Gnaw at the Flesh

Release Date: October 23, 2023
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A historically malevolent haunted house threatens to end a line of paranormal guardians. Will the family’s latest addition tip the scales in their favor or hurtle them toward their demise?

Garrett Mueller proposes to his girlfriend, Marie Renault. She rejects him, distressing him until he learns why. Her family watches over a haunted house, where every several years a Breach opens to the world of the dead. Everyone related by blood or oath must return, or the Breach widens, endangering the family and world at large.

To marry Marie, he must also bind himself to that house.

The Renaults estimate a week until the Breach opens, offering Garrett a short trial period. Despite the risks, he will try it for the woman he loves. The Renaults are professionals when it comes to the supernatural, and they’ve always prevailed.

Only, as the week progresses, the family discovers this Breach is shaping up to be one of historically dangerous proportions. Risks mount higher as secrets leak out, threatening to divide the family. And even if Garrett changes his mind, it might be too late to leave.

Content considerations: This book includes blood (not gory), violence, and non-graphic, short scenes depicting sexual assault.

Secrets Gnaw at the Flesh is a horror-filled, dark family drama, where the TV adaptation of The Haunting on Hill House meets Clive Barker’s worldbuilding. Readers who enjoy unique characters and deep delves into the supernatural will feel right at home. It is the second book in the Virulent Nightmare Origins quartet. Like others in the series, it is standalone but takes place in the same universe as the rest of the series. The Virulent Nightmare Origins series will later culminate in a follow-up series that bridges the stories of all of the characters and events.

The book released on October 23, 2023. The ebook is $4.99. Physical books from Amazon,, local sellers retail for $16.99. Although the ebook launched as a wide release, I will be enrolling in KDP Select in the hopes to reach more readers like yourself. – Buy Local